God The Teacher of Mankind: : A Plain, Comprehensive Explanation of Christian Doctrine. The Church and Her Enemies Michael Muller C.SS.R Author
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432 Pages. Actually 2 books in one. The Church and Her Enemies addresses Heathenism, Heresy and especially Masonry. Book originally published in 1880. This book has been re-typed to provide clear, readable text. No changes have been made to the original. It is our intent to provide the exact content as intended by the original author. CONTENTS CHAPTER I. 5 Introductory CHAPTER II 13 The value and necessity of Christian Doctrine CHAPTER III. 23 An exhortation to spread the Truth CHAPTER IV. 32 Explanation to the Introduction to the Catechism CHAPTER V. 42 God the Teacher of Mankind CHAPTER VI. 139 Ninth Article of the Apostle's Creed CHAPTER VII. 264 -------------------------------------- THE ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH. CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. 272 The First Enemy: Heathenism CHAPTER II. 280 The Second Enemy: Heresy CHAPTER III. 283 The Third Enemy: Freemasonry 1. The Object of Freemasonry 283 2. Lies of Freemasons 287 3. Ceremonies of one of the Degrees of Masonry 295 4. Another Specimen of Masonic Oath 318 5. How the Oath is Administered 320 6. The Obligations of the Masonic Oath 321 7. Address to the People of the State of New York 343 8. Resolutions Passed by the Antimasonic Convention 353 9. Proceedings of the Adjourned Convention of Seceding Masons 355 10. The Prolific Mother of Freemasons: Protestantism 359 11. The Masonic Hammer 364 12. Two Classes of Masons 369 13. Success of the Masonic Hammer 372 14. Secret Societies Excommunicated by the Church 388 15. The Church cannot be Destroyed 392 16. The Church cannot be, Destroyed. (Continued.) 402 CHAPTER IV. 411 How the Persecutors of the Church Die


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