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His movies have cumulatively earned $2.4 billion in the domestic box office, making him the second most-successful director of all time, right behind Steven Spielberg. If one gathered the top six directors in that category, that same man would be only one of the half-dozen to not also be in possession of an Academy Award: Michael Bay. Commercial success and meaningful art don't always go hand-in-hand, but is it possible for a filmmaker to consistently hit his mark with the audience without truly doing something right artistically? Professional critics have long taken aim at Bay's music-video-honed visual style, full of fast cuts, moving camera shots, hot women. The internet is full of negativity and scorn for the director too, but has anyone truly given Bay's oeuvre the benefit of the doubt? Michael F-ing Bay: The Unheralded Genius in Michael Bay's Films is the first-ever attempt to approach the Bay catalogue from an intellectual standpoint. Come ready to find the deep subtexts and profound meanings in Michael Bay's filmography. EXPERIENCE - the controversial discussion about man's relationship with God buried within Armageddon! DISCOVER - how Pearl Harbor demonstrates that emotional truth is far more vital than strict adherence to actual historical events! LEARN - how The Island is a pointed allegory attacking the proliferation of remakes and reboots that Hollywood produces! UNDERSTAND - the vulnerable confession that Michael Bay offers under the cloak of a true-life Miami crime story in Pain & Gain! And much more!


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