Billy Bob the Dog and Torkelson Turtle in: The Ancient Art of Asking Kyle MA Fuhrer Author
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Something strange is happening in the community of Fiddlers Green. Billy Bob the Dog and Torkelson Turtle have been alerted to the mysterious completion of daily tasks of the town folks. Chores in the town are being completed with ninja like speed and precision. Who is doing all this work? Why do they not want to be recognized? Find out in the latest instalment of Billy Bob the Dog and Torkelson Turtle in: The Ancient Art of Asking. Scroll up and grab a copy today. What other Reviewers Have had to Say about Kyle Fuhrer's Stories: By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE: Not only does Kyle give us a fun adventure (very well described visually by Bethany Tallack's fine illustrations) but he also gives the young one (and their parents!) information of the importance of healthy eating - instead of relying on junk food. This is a terrific little story but it is also the beginnings of stimulating the learning process about important things. Very well done. Fans of the LAZY TOWN Children's Television Series will Clap With Glee at GOOD FOOD GONE BAD September 15, 2014 By Tinfoot TOP 500 REVIEWER Format:Kindle Edition For those familiar with the quite popular Nickelodeon Jr. children's show, LAZY TOWN, the concept of a town's healthy living being thwarted by a colorful villain will be easy concept for children to grasp. Heavier in terms of narrative over illustrations, this book would do well in terms of self-readers ages 7+, but as a read-aloud by parents, any child who has watched LAZY TOWN will clap with glee at this simple but delightful adventure. Perfect for kids November 16, 2013 By Meghan TOP 500 REVIEWER Having read Fuhrer's previous book, I have to say this second one bears that distinct Kyle Fuhrer storytelling style-that sense of utter innocence, wonder and amazement at the most simple things. The book is about a young boy named Smallfridge, who loves jumping on his bed at bed time. He happens to have a wildly free imagination (as all kids do), because he imagines himself going beyond his bedroom, even zooming past galaxies-didn't we all do that as young children? Of course, I'm reading it from a young person's perspective, and I have to say, I can only imagine the delight it will elicit among youngsters. Everyone-adults and kids-will be able to relate to this, and they'll have a lot of fun accompanying Smallfridge in his adventures. Overall, this is a deeply endearing book for children-best read aloud to a bunch of youngsters who may end up giggling and asking questions and, ultimately, entertained and satisfied. Order a copy of this today-or send this as a gift to a young loved one. I assure you it will be cherished deeply by the recipient. Fully deserving all of five stars, this one. Jump, Jump, Jumping On My Bed August 10, 2014 By prisrob TOP 50 REVIEWER VINE VOICE When you have read this book you will marvel at all of Smallfridge's adventures. Parents/teachers will like reading this book to their children. They can talk about space, and they can discuss the planets. The children will have many questions to ask. The illustrations by Bethany Talkack are bright and vivid, depicting the travels of Smallfridge. This book was a lot of fun to read, and don't be surprised if your children start jumping on their beds!


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