How To Understand & Stop Nuisance Direct Marketing Phone Calls, Texts & E-mails In The UK: A Guide To Understanding Your Rights & How to Uphold Them G
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Nuisance phone calls, texts and e-mails can be annoying and invasive. Silent calls, recorded calls and lives sales calls are invading our lives on a daily basis now. This book is a brief look at the UK laws that should protect us from such communications and how we can use them to minimise the misery of the Direct Marketing activities of the people who are calling, texting and e-mailing us to sell their goods and services. Many people deal with these communications in ineffective ways and continue to suffer the daily intrusions of people selling anything from solar panels to PPI claims. There are a few simple things you can do to stop or minimise the calls. In this book, you will find descriptions of the kinds of communications people are getting and the author's own experience of how she greatly minimised the number of calls she was receiving.


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