How To Be Unstoppable: Joe Bonsall ...great piece of writing! Mike has inspired me to be the best I can be. Michael A. Manning Author
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Sometimes life can be filled with obstacles & adversities that distract you from your destiny & subtract from your purpose. How To Be Unstoppable is a resource that gives focus ,perspective & insight to those who are serious about going to the next level . It begins as a slow burn and emerges a raging fire. You'll thoroughly enjoy this motivational work by Mike Manning. Read it thoroughly and its truths will seep into your soul and bring you lasting results. On rare occasions, among myriad numbers of books on the market, emerges one that carves its own niche and becomes a model for others to be judged by. This positive and faith building offering from Mike Manning will prove to be one of those kind of books. Find a quiet place, relax and be ready to enjoy this in one setting. It's that good. Mike has taken a firm but gentle hands-on approach to motivating people. This work is the perfect example of quality over quantity as it is a very quick read that you can take and consume in one sitting and upon finishing it feel, well ... UNSTOPPABLE! This is one work that can give anyone that extra needed nudge! You are about to embark on a journey through which you will explore four parts of yourself that perhaps you've rarely tested. I must warn you: understanding these four principles could be potentially life-changing.


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