Dowsing for a Healthy, Happy Home: Improving the health of your home with the art of dowsing Brenda Hunt Author
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Your Home is your sanctuary, your own special place and escape from the world - at least it should be In this book you will learn to work with your dowsing pendulum to ensure that you house does become - and remain - the home that you want it to be.Dowsing can help you find the right property at the right time in your life.It can help you create an energy map for you home so that you can use the rooms for the right purpose.It can help you make decisions about choosing furniture, colour schemes and decor and avoid expensive mistakes.It can help you clear and balance the energy after life changes and when you want to create a new energy in your life.In fact, you can work with your dowsing throughout your home and the spaces you spend time in.


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