The 1930'S; ROAD FROM THE PAST, PORTAL TO THE FUTURE: The Authoritative Year-by-Year History of the 1930's Decade John D. Forlini Author
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This book details the history of the1930's decade on a year-by-year basis, making it the true authority for this decade. Providing the history of each year makes the activities fit into an easy and enjoyable flow that can be digested and understood more clearly. The 1930's were a pivotal time in our history--a time that changed us into a true world power. We may not have realized it at the time, but it would soon be evident that this decade was a turning point in America's leadership position in the world. Presenting the decade on a stand-alone history of each year provides the reader with a better comprehension of the flow of the decade. It is more of a story or saga rather than a compilation of isolated facts, although all the facts are still included. Each year is well organized into topics, people, and incidents that pertain to that year, and these are clearly denoted in the table of contents.


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