A Very Special Thanks!: What the Obama Care Affordable Health Insurance Act did for me and my family. Dedicated to The Obama Administration, Hillary C
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THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK YOU'LL READ ALL YEAR First Time Author writes Instant Best Selling Book after MIRACULOUS SURGERY SMALL BUSINESS OWNER SCORES BIG WITH OBAMA CARE HEALTH INSURANCE! You'll read this powerful book cover to cover in one weekend. THE FEEL GOOD STORY OF THE YEAR! After five years of waiting and suffering with poor vision and Cataracts disease, and unable to get affordable Health Insurance coverage, 48 years Young self-employed business owner, screenwriter, author, film maker, Biographer, Accountant, golfer and movie fan Randolph Hirsch finally said to himself: This is the Year to get things done. For years, because of a pre-existing condition and unable to afford the expensive insurance rates that were being quoted to him, and being turned down by the big Insurance companies, Mr. Hirsch contacted a friend asking for a referral to a local Health insurance agent. At the last minute, Randolph enrolled in the Affordable Health care covered plan, on the due date of April 15th, 2014 and was fully covered! A Very Special Thanks to the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, Blue Shield Insurance and Dr. Brad Elkins, Eye Surgeon: What the Affordable Health Insurance Act did for me. Is about Randolph Hirsch's story and what Obama Care did for him and his family... This book is for every person in America who doesn't have any insurance coverage yet. DEDICATED TO AND WRITTEN ESPECIALLY FOR ALL SELF EMPLOYED PEOPLE AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY WHO CURRENTLY DON'T HAVE ANY HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE. This book is specifically targeted to: EVERY PERSON IN THE U.S. interested in getting affordable Health Care Small business owners in the USA Independent Insurance Agents all across this great country of ours wanting to offer the Obama Care Health plan and insurance coverage to their self employed clients Any part-time or full-time employees who work for small business owners that don't offer any Health Insurance benefits Golfers and Accountants Nationwide who are interested in Affordable Health Insurance coverage! Anyone who has had a recent medical scare or procedure done, that didn't have any insurance -- and does not want to go through anything like that again --without proper Insurance! Any person suffering from Cataracts disease or other illnesses, who cannot afford the necessary treatment or surgery and doesn't have proper Health Insurance coverage. This is a Must Read for Every person in the U.S. without Affordable insurance! The captivating and timely story of how the Obama Health care phenomenon enabled one small business owner, weekend dad to get Health Insurance coverage and get the cataracts eye surgery that he desperately needed. A touching, Important and very Informative book DISCOUNT PRICE THIS MONTH SPECIAL SALE: MARKED DOWN FROM $20.00 ORDER YOUR COPY NOW ENTER THIS CODE AT CHECK OUT FOR AN ADDITIONAL $2.00 DISCOUNT: FZLK4F5R By Randolph Hirsch The Golfing Accountant Moshe Publications, Inc. 18375 Ventura Blvd. Suite #526 Tarzana, CA 91356 Other Books and DVDs by Randolph Hirsch Making Kids Smile! Molly and Dad's Grand Hawaii Adventures Philip Seymour Hoffman: Biography of a Great Actor The Blueprints Marketing Guide for Accountants, Tax Professionals and CPAs Twitter Power! Kindle Gold Rush Once In A Lifetime: Just Go For It! Romantic Comedy Drama, feature screenplay Daniel Day-Lewis: Three Time Academy Award winner for Best Actor, The Ultimate Biography There's A Reason You're Here, Moshe The Roy Yamaguchi Story: International Chef and Founder of Roy's Hawaiian Restaurants: Complete color photo tour book of Roy's Restaurants including the six locations in Hawaii THE ORDEAL: Scandal of the Decade Once In A Lifetime: The Short Film DVD Randolph Hirsch's Ukraine Adventure, Travel DVD Randolph Hirsch Discovers Paris, Travel DVD


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