Biographical Sketches and Interesting Anecdotes of Persons of Colour: To Which is Added a Selection of Pieces in Poetry Abigail Mott Author
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The object of this selection is not to set forth the exploits of the warrior, who has drenched fields i blood, destroyed cities by fire, and their inhabitants by famine, who has made the mother a widow, and her children fatherless; and deprived the aged of their comfort and support in declining life. It is not to rehearse the harangues, nor to set forth the eloquence of the man of science; but to encourage virtue and morality in the different classes of society; and by bringing into view the effects which a system of slavery has on the human mind, and the dreadful consequences of that arbitrary power invested in the slave-holder over his fellow being; to show how it hardens the heart and petrifies the feelings. No doubt there are some men who in early life, and before they were placed in authority, like Hazael, would have been shocked to hear predicted what they have afterwards, and under different circumstances, put in practice; but there are others, who, being trained up in the midst of Slavery, are inured from their infancy to see the sufferings of the poor slaves, and to hear their cries, become almost insensible to the responsibility of their station, and the enormity of the evils they are committing.


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