From the Eyes of Jesus: A Novel about the Coins of the Shroud of Turin James Harold Carlson Author
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In 1978 three NASA scientists were part of a research team that investigated the Shroud of Turin in Italy-a linen burial cloth marked with the full-length image of a man bearing wounds that correspond to the Gospel accounts of Jesus' flogging and crucifixion. They were astonished to discover the imprint of coins over the eyes of the body. Using image extraction techniques, the name of Tiberius Caesar was discernable together with a shepherd's staff. The coins were bronze leptons minted by Pontius Pilate in the years 30 and 31 AD-compelling evidence that the shroud was the burial cloth of Jesus who was crucified in the third decade AD. This is the account of these coins as they passed from one hand to another through two millennia. Though this is a work of fiction, the storyline is set against a backdrop of historical events. You will read about the persecution of Christians under Nero, Emperor Constantine's conversion, the rise of the Knights Templar, the sack of Constantinople, and the painting of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. The coins radiated supernatural power in each of these settings, transforming lives and changing history in the process. They still exist today and are unknowingly viewed by millions. Their location is revealed in the closing chapter.


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