Truck This For A Living: Tales Of A UK Lorry Driver Gary Mottram Author
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There are many books about driving trucks that always seem to glamourise the profession with a vision of gleaming chrome disappearing into the dusk on the wide open road, heading for freedom. This book doesn't. This is the true grit, dirty end of the industry where the work is hard and monotonous, the food is crap, the showers are unbelievably filthy, the lay-bys stink, fellow motorists abuse you on a daily basis, the police and authorities try to catch you out at every turn, and the boss is always on the phone asking where you are and what time will you be there and what the hell have you been doing all this time? This is the multi-drop deliveries during rush hour in an unknown town without a map. This is the disapproving looks in the service station shop when you've been on the road for 5 days straight without a shower. This is the crinkly sound of a turd desperately exited into a carrier bag when there are no public toilets for 30 miles. This is the thumping headache of a disturbed nights' sleep when a refrigerated lorry parks next to you at the truck stop. This is the UK transport industry. These are the words of a UK trucker.


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