Drugs and Addictions: Some Things You Might Know, A Lot of Things You Might Not Marios Savva Author
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As a psychologist, and after years of study, I wanted to create books from the material I have gathered over the years to make available to the public. My books, beginning with my first book - STRESS, We Can Master It- are laid out in a way that everyone can understand. Psychological theories, definitions, analysis can be rather daunting for those who are not involved in this particular field. Knowing this, I tried to simplify, to a point, as best I could this material to make it readable and comprehensible to the everyday person. I am sure whoever would read this book will gain a little something that can help them in some way. You will read in this third book in my series: What are Drugs and what is Addiction? Why People use Drugs Marijuana: The Myth and the Reality. Opiates (Heroin). Amphetamines/ Methamphetamines (Speed) Cocaine Hallucinogens (Ecstasy, LSD). An in Depth Analysis of Addiction Drugs and Personality Disorders I Drugs and Personality Disorders II Withdrawal- An Addict's Worst Nightmare Reading the book you will likely obtain a helpful insight in to drugs and addictions and discover things you did not know which could either help you or someone you know.


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