Godly Prayers from the New Heart of San Martine: Volume 1 (GERMAN VERSION) Martin W. Oliver PhD Author
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(GERMAN VERSION)Mistakenly many people foolishly laugh when it comes to the subject of prayer. Why? Mainly because they for the most part have never studied Godly and historically accurate pray procedures in detail and their prayer result history is a history of unanswered prayers and prayer failures. God does exists, but how do we make contact with Him is the question humanity asks? Are there exact rules for prayer? Isn't sincerity or personal need the only necessary factor or requirement? Astonishingly and amazingly the answer to that question is no. Does personal religion choice matter? Yes, you can and will literally bet your life it does! Contrary to popular opinion there are not many pathways that ultimately lead to the same God. Life is full of example of specific manners in which things are to be done, whether scientifically, financially, socially, educationally, medically, and Theologically. God Himself has set forth and prescribed a specific procedure for answered prayer and He expects us to do our homework and study just like we would for any career or professional calling in life. Power, victory, insight, wisdom, skill, healing, knowledge and a personal relationship with God are just a few of the benefits of prayer. Join Dr. Martin Oliver PhD, BCPC, a veteran of over 42 years of successfully answered prayers and the possessor of a deep and intimate relationship with God Almighty. Gain understanding about how to pray, when to pray and why to pray, not based on a theoretical rule book but actual prayers you can pray today. Bottom line, pray the prayers in the right way with sincerity and trust in God and start getting results immediately. Purchase Dr. Oliver's first in the Prayer Series today.


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