Website & Marketing Mistakes Coaches Make: 12 Critical Mistakes That REPEL Your Ideal Clients...And How To Avoid Them Brad Reed Author
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How many of these critical mistakes are you making in your coaching business? Most experienced coaches make at least a few. Some new coaches are about to make them all! But it's not your fault because you don't know any better. Learning how to avoid these 12 critical mistakes gives your coaching business a solid foundation on which to grow and thrive...just like the clients who coach with you. The #1 problem you face today in marketing your coaching business online is avoiding the website & marketing mistakes most coaches make that doom their results before they even really get started! And if you're concerned about putting in a ton of work creating your website and never having anyone be able to find it on Google, or that while you're busting your butt developing your marketing plans you'll make a critical mistake that drives your customers away and you won't even know it -- Don't Worry! Because you can use the tips, tools, and techniques I share with you to create an awesome looking website that you are proud to show your customers, create engaging social media campaigns that entice prospective clients into the conversation with you, and know that if you can use a word processor, you can successfully edit your website yourself! In this breakthrough NEW marketing your coaching business online book I cover how to avoid the critical mistakes that keep you from reaching more prospects, getting more clients begging you for sessions, and building up your own base of raving fans while at the same time helping you avoid the costly mistakes most coaches make. Heck, I even show you how to get more clients knocking on your door wanting to work with you through one simple change AND the specific strategies to have your current clients bring in loads of new perfect clients who can't wait to work with you! In fact, here's just a sample of the marketing your coaching business online pitfalls I'll help you avoid in this incredible book: Why FRED is your most important client and getting inside FRED's head is vital to your success... How ignoring the power of social media for reaching new clients dooms you before you even get started... The consequences of only having one email address that you use for EVERYTHING (hint: they aren't good!)... Why it's so critical that you pay attention to copyrights & license agreements when building & populating your website... How and why you must avoid thinking that website technology is way beyond what you can easily learn... Why not including your photo will kill your results... How to sidestep losing your entire website because you didn't attend to one critical detail (and now it's selling Viagra!)... Why you should never forget to ask each client for this once they work with you... How creating these two things all by yourself can backfire (and really bite you on the butt!)... Why you can't ignore asking first time visitors to fill out this vitally important form... How NOT telling people exactly what to do RIGHT NOW really hurts your chances of being successful... How NOT scheduling this one critical activity daily, and then doing it, costs coaches a lot of time, energy and frustration... ... and much, MUCH More! Don't miss this ground-breaking book that will help you STOP worrying about putting a ton of work into creating your website and never having anyone find it on Google and finally start building a thriving coaching practice serving clients who can't wait to pay you for their next coaching session with you. By the way, this book is NOT about focusing on the negative; it's about focusing on the real world and helping you get real world results with marketing your coaching business online. So if you're a coach who wants to avoid making marketing mistakes online that sabotage other people's results then grab your copy today!


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