Leaving This World: A Poetry Collection Sondra Lynn Author
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When leukemia crashed like a tidal wave into Sondra Lynn's life, she could no longer assist others in healing their bodies, minds, and spirits through acupuncture. Not to be swayed from her life's work, she continues to heal people-but with her words instead of her hands. Lynn's collection of poetry is a deep exploration into the soul and psyche of one who is dying. Through her unwavering voice, those who stare death in the face every day, and those who care for them, will find encouragement, gratitude, and illumination amid inescapable pain and challenges. Living on the edge of death has turned her spirit to the portals between worlds, writes Sarah West, a licensed acupuncturist. This profound work will open you to the process of leaving this world directly from one who stands at the gate, gazing into the abyss. Sondra Lynn's poetry will crack your heart wide open and allow you to embrace suffering, loss, compassion, and transcendence simultaneously. Each and every one of us will eventually leave this world, and the manner of the leaving is not always our choice. This collection will shed light on the dance with mortality and help one take it head on.


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