The Fifth Way: A Western Journey to the Hebrew Heart of Jesus David Brisbin Author
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When Jesus of Nazareth presented his view of God and life, he did so in a deeply ancient and Eastern way, a way completely unlike the four ways we normally approach life-a Fifth Way. Deep inside our Western worldviews, there is a difficult intellectual and emotional way to the Way that must be negotiated first, a jarring movement from West to East that brings us only to the starting point, to the gate of the Way to the freedom Jesus promises.There is virtually no major concept of Jesus' message and teaching that we can take at face value, that we can read as a simple meaning once translated into our own language. It's not that our translations are bad; they're amazingly accurate. We have the right words-we just don't know what they mean anymore or understand the Eastern environment in which they are really true.The Fifth Way makes the reality of God's love consistent and clear throughout Scripture. In personal and emotional journal entries and colorful concepts and stories, the author describes the sensations of traveling between worldviews, to the meeting place of ancient Scripture and everyday life in today's world.This Fifth Way is not a thought to be contemplated, but an action to be lived. It's not a creed or a doctrine to believe, but a way and a quality of life to enjoy. You can't know the Way until you're on the Way, and you won't engage the Way until you've traveled the interior distance that stands between us and those who first followed this Hebrew Jesus.As pioneering Christian singer/songwriter Chris Falson writes in his endorsement, Reading The Fifth Way is like spending time with the author, Dave Brisbin, who has a gift of making simple the complicated religious mess we have collectively made of Christianity. He is a voice in the wilderness and a breath of fresh air. If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus, then The Fifth Way may help you discover the path your heart has long been seeking. And pastor/author Chuck Smith Jr. writes, ... believers are asking whether there is another way to walk with God that depends more on Spirit than structure and in practice is more organic than programmatic. Dave Brisbin's answer is 'Yes! There is The Fifth Way.' Of all the books in the Christian marketplace today why should you read this one? To renew your mind, refresh your heart, and restore your soul.


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