ParentKnowledgy: A (Simple) Guide to Surviving your Teen Melissa A. Cohen LCSW Author
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Between technology, social media, and celebrity culture, the teens of today are feeling more pressure than ever before. Not to mention the high expectations of well-meaning parents, who only want to see their children succeed at everything they do. It's no wonder that so many teenagers are overwhelmed by life, feeling like they have to be better than everyone else-rather than simply being happy to reach their own potential. They might even end up at the wrong schools or colleges, simply because they think it is what their parents expect of them. The key to avoiding these stresses? Parenting your teenagers without power-parenting them-expecting too much and placing too much pressure on teens who are just beginning to discover who they really are. ParentKnowledgy is an easy-to-read, helpful guide for improving family communication, relationships, and understanding. By getting to know what's really going on during adolescence, parents can learn to set appropriate rules and boundaries, act as positive role models, and provide the unconditional love that every child needs. Containing valuable everyday advice, examples of real-life situations and solutions, and an Anxiety Questionnaire for teens and parents, this insightful book is a must-read for parents, teachers, or anyone with a teen in his or her life.


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