Molly McBride: Texas Pioneer Cheryl Casey Author
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Mary Ann Sarah Jane Levinna Ellen McBride, called Molly, was passed from the care of one aunt to the next growing up in the late 1800's American South. In the households of the several aunts she was named after, she cooked, cleaned, farmed and helped raise younger cousins. Life was mostly hard work and often dangerous. James was slowly recovering from the loss of his young wife and newborn daughter. When their fathers introduced them, life didn't get any easier but it suddenly became worth it. This booklet, a small tome of 42 pages, contains a family history research document, going back seven generations to James's Irish grandparents. It was written many years ago by the late Mary Louise Pitt Blaylock, one of Molly and James's granddaughters, as told to her by Molly, James, their sons and daughters, as well as information taken from historic family letters. Readers should not expect a romanticized, sweeping epic novel. This is a short, straightforward telling of the family history. It includes recollections of Molly and James's pioneer life and many birthdates and places of birth. Where Mary Blaylock's story leaves off Cheryl Casey, one of Molly and James's great-granddaughters, picks it up with more stories from Molly and James's children as well as research into Molly's surprisingly noble heritage. No profit is intended on the sale of this booklet by either Mary or Cheryl. It is set at the lowest price acceptable to the printer/distributor in the hope that Molly and James's story and heritage be made readily available to family, friends, ancestry researchers, and any who love American and Texas history.


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