Tripper: The Return of Jennifer Saunders: The seventh Torture Magic novel Douglas Todt Author
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Jennifer Saunders has returned to her native dimension on a critical mission. Jen is at war with the torture magician Zenith in a parallel dimension, but suddenly in 2010 arrives in Arizona at the complex where all of her friends were murdered six years previously. With her multiple personalities integrated, Jennifer is now a potent paranormal with telekinetic abilities. More importantly, along with her alternate personalities and the souls of her dead friends, Oscar and Anissa, she controls an aspect of the alien Jaye's personality. And Jaye can save the parallel world - but only with something that exists in Jen's native dimension. Unfortunately for Jen, what should be a simple trip home is greatly complicated by the presence of Tripper O'Sullivan and Ozz. Now over one-hundred years old but still living in Tupelo, Mississippi, Tripper is trying to rescue his attorney and friend Cinnamon, who was kidnapped by Ozz. Ozz is a powerful torture magician who has battled Tripper three times during the past century. Tripper knows of only one way to deal with this problem: kick Ozz's ass and stop his plan. As a result, Ozz and Jennifer's plans collide, and Tripper is stuck in the middle. In order to save Cinnamon, he will have to cooperate with Ozz's plans. But will he cooperate with Jen's?


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