Canadian Immigration and South Asian Immigrants Abdur Rahim Author
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South Asian immigrants have made a significant contribution to the Canadian mosaic. However, their trials and tribulations and their successes and failures constitute a story that remains untold. To know of their arrivals, their struggles to beat the odds, as well as their successes, is to read a story of hard work, of tireless effort to ‘make it’ of the commitment to belong, and of ultimate success. This process not only re-shaped them from ‘who they were’ to ‘who they are now’, but also re-shaped Canada that we know today. Their influence can be felt in the arts and sciences, the humanities and in politics, community works and in social services. This book is an attempt to understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of that unfolding process, and also to know the real concerns about the conditions of Canada’s ethnic minority population, South Asian Canadians and their children in particular.


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