Between Faded Lines: Living in the Shadows: Book One Allison R. Naumann Author
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Bright Castor plunged in darkest age, The fighters fall in blackcoat rage. Their ruler's image dark and cold: One changed, one lost, one saved, one bold. One chosen from Celesti brought, Well veiled and kept, her worth known naught. With gold the darkness will she purge, Her faith alone shift river's surge... Commander Black Hawk stands at Castoria's helm, the cowering world subject to his will. But when Empress Circe charges him to capture the one person who could annihilate his future empire, he unintentionally provokes forces beyond his control. Torturous visions combined with devastating losses drive Black Hawk between the faded lines of two opposing paths. He must choose one-or fight his destiny to his grave. The ancient war betwixt the Stars and the Fallen is rising. Allison R. Naumann is a homeschooled high school student who lives in Texas with her family and chickens. Dreaming up fantastical stories has always been a joy to her, and she began to put her ideas into writing and drawings when she was eight-years-old.


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