Cleek: the Man of the Forty Faces Thomas W. Hanshew Author
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A swell pickpocket, I'll lay my life, commented Collins, as he squared himself for an encounter and made ready to leap on the man when he came within gripping distance. Here! get out of the way, madmazelly. Business before pleasure. And, besides, you're like to get bowled over in the rush. Here, chauffeur!-this to the driver of a big, black motor-car which swept round the angle of the bridge at that moment, and made as though to scud down the Embankment into the thick of the chase-pull that thing up sharp! Stop where you are! Dead still. At once, at once, do you hear? We don't want you getting in the way. Now, then-nodding his head in the direction of the running man-come on you bounder; I'm ready for you!


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