Rose and the Haunted House: Book Three Ellen Herr Lancaster J.D. Author
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In this, the third episode of the Rosy Adventure Series, two boys explore a haunted house and discover treasure, unaware of being watched. Where did the medallions come from? Who is the old lady with the cat? What if they get caught in the house? Before it's over, the boys almost lose their lives but gain a valuable lesson about generosity. These books are perfect for reading to your children and grandchildren, expecially if you are interested in teaching them about generosity. The first book in the Rosy Adventure Series introduces Rosy, Santa's twin sister. She is the flip-side of the whole idea of getting gifts: she rewards children for being generous and brave. She delivers gold medallions to these children. The Rosy series makes it easy for kids to learn about generosity and to be generous, through website. Every book features a Rosy Partner, varying in their ethnicity and nationality and with different assistants. There are Rose Bernstein, Rosa Linda Sanchez, Rosa Mae Parker, Rosio of Peru, Rosina of Italy, Rosemary of Ireland, and more to come. Each of the Rosy Partners are called Sheroes, and their Assistants - Fred the goose, Milton the cat, Clyde the mule, Chopper the dog, Gustavo the llama, Luigi the mouse, Charlie the Leprechaun, etc., are called Heroes. The boys and girls, and the Sheroes, and Heroes in each book must deal with bullies, new schools, wildfires, storms, earthquakes, kidnappers, a wild bull, and other problems. These books are designed to be read in about 20 minutes to a child or grandchild. A third-grader can read the books to herself or himself in the same time. There are audio books for each book. Listening to the audio book while pointing out words in the written book is an excellent way to accelerate reading skills.


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