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* Insurers take $ Billions from our annuity plans * Inflation cuts payment value in HALF * Guaranteed annuity income ends at death * Insurers never return our annuity assets Yes, everyone is talking about annuities for retirement income. They are popular; but they are expensive. They take billions of dollars from our retirement funds in exchange for a guaranteed stream of payments. But those payments can end at our death. Our family may lose the legacy we worked hard to accumulate. Insurers keep the remainder of our annuity account. And, if we have a medical emergency, there are no refunds. If we live a long time, those guaranteed payments lose purchasing power-our $1000 a month income will buy only $500 worth of goods. We can avoid all of these possible losses and keep our retirement funds growing and producing income for life. We can maintain control of our assets for emergencies and a family legacy. We can create an inflation-proof income for the rest of our lives without giving up control of our assets. Today we can create an inflation-proof income stream to match our needs while we keep building our assets for the future. We can create this stream of income AND grow our assets AND have access to our funds for emergencies with a FREE account. Only you know what fits your lifestyle needs at each stage of retirement. You use low-cost products so you keep more of your assets growing. You avoid high-fee advisors and products. Now we can take advantage of a better opportunity. We can decide how much to spend, how much to invest and which assets to buy so we will be assured of enough assets for whatever the future brings. Now you can create a guaranteed income and grow you assets.


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