The Rawn Chronicles Book Three: The Ancarryn and the Quest P D Ceanneir Author
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'Yes, of course it's a trap!' snapped Havoc, turning from the window to face them before Lord Ness could answer the king's question, 'that is why I'm going to spring it.' Two and a half years after the last battle of the Raider Campaign and peace descends upon the ancient continent of Tattoium-Tarridun. The building of the Sky Ship, Cybeleion, is nearing completion and soon Prince Havoc must go on a quest for the legendary Gredligg Orrinn. The voyage is a dangerous undertaking; death and treachery greet him at every turn. Adventure is not without its perils. First, he must travel to the Vallkyte capital and compete in the Rite of Ancarryn, the Bout of Champions. He knows it is a trap laid for him by his uncle, King Kasan. It is here the Blacksword will meet his enemies. It is here, in the arena of spilt blood, that he will exact his revenge.


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