Jesus Created the Intergalactic Chinese Empire from the Ural Mtns to Siberia and a Gift of a Quintillion Universes in the Future Stanley Ole Lotegelua
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China--the tribes of Africa bring greetings and good news. The Creator of the human race is returning to the earth and has given China all the land from the Ural Mountains to Siberia (wherever Genghis Khan staked out.) Jesus loves the Asian nations for He created them. The Masai tribe of Africa brings good news of eternal life for all people through Jesus Christ- the Creator. He will return in my lifetime. As I was with Him in prayer, I remembered China and Asia, to do them a good thing. What would you do if you met the Creator? Would you remember the Africans? The Lord Jesus Christ loves the Chinese nation very much. He's the creator of the Chinese people and a 100 billion years ago China was a Christian nation. In the past, about 40 billion+/- years ago China volunteered to come to this earth and participate in the invisible war. China's task was to fight Satan and in an epic struggle and defeat him. Satan in the struggle has blanketed China with a false religion. But Jesus loves China and He will save them from Satan at the Second Coming. Also because China has gone to such difficulties-Jesus Christ is going to reward China with 70% of Russia. From the Ural Mtns, cutting down to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Siberia will all belong to China. These are the new borders of China (except for Tibet). Jesus will give China from the Ural Mtns to Siberia etc. Also because Jesus loves China so much He has given China a Quintillion to a Septillion universes, each the size of the one we live in now or bigger- up to a Trillion galaxies each.Each galaxy at a lower limit will have one earthlike planet. As a matter of fact for the Asian races Jesus has given them 1/3 of a googolplex universes to inhabit forever. China itself has 200 billion earths x septillion universes. Chinese Christians should have their own Pope like they did a 100 billion years ago in another universe . Jesus will also give China antigravity vehicles, and teleportation machines where you can teleport from the earth to other planets or universes.Jesus has also given the Asian race the EDUCATOR Machine that takes computer data and implants it directly into ones brain, so you can memorize entire college degrees in seconds. That means no more school. China will exist forever and ever under the leadership of the StarChild, King of kings Jesus Christ our Creator. Jesus also has Eternal life for the people of China. You die here on this planet where your carbon body expires, but after, you are given a new body that does not decay, in heaven. Also you can come down to earth and live as a humanbeing in a carbon body, get married, live, then die or transfer back up to heaven as many times as you wish. Communism was not invented by Karl Marx, but Christians invented it in the book of Acts. Marx just removed the Creator from the equation. Now Jesus will reintroduce the Creator, eternal life back into the equation and you can remain a Christian Communist nation forever if you want on this earth. Africa is a Tribal or a 10,000 tribe Zionist nation, so everyone on earth can rule themselves the way they want if they just add the Creator to the equation. So the future looks good for China, but Satan will be angry at you and in 40 billion years he will take over China and the universe as all nations rebelled against Jesus Christ. The Chinese people fought heroically and they defeated Satan, some of the people in China today came back in time and now exist in China as Christians. They are the first Ressurection. The people in china today are the ones who fought the beast in 40 billion AD+/-, died and won and now have come back in time to welcome Jesus. Jesus Loves you and will now reward you for what you did in 40 billion AD+/-.The Second Coming is next. Stay strong Christians of China, Satan will hate China, but Jesus has given China from the Ural Mtns to Siberia + eternal life. Chinese Christians should have their own Pope like they did in 100 Billion B.C+/-. Add Jesus to the equatio


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