Grace Reigns Christian Bible Course STUDENT COMPENDIUM: For Seeking Mainstream and Fundamentalist Mormons, A Believer's Resourse Atalie B. Moore Autho
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This Grace Reigns Christian Bible Course STUDENT COMPENDIUM For Seeking Mainstream and Fundamentalist Mormons; A Believer's Resource For Understanding Mormonism is a condensed companion student guide which is ideal for the student's study and referral when witnessing to Mormons (LDS and Fundamental LDS). This volume contains key Biblical doctrines which are outlined to aid those who are transitioning from Mormonism, or simply seeking Biblical truth. The Course asks for the student to reason with God as He beckons all to do. Organized man-centered religion is replaced with a Bible-filtered understanding of the true Gospel of the Lord Christ Jesus, His Gospel of Grace, and aids in eliminating confusion and blurring of the Truth. The student is encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that they may be born again and enjoy the Salvation that Jesus Christ alone procured for all who will believe that it is through His blood shed on the cross, that God's work is sufficient, without the works of man, to propitiate all sin for the born again believer. Jesus said His believers would be known by His name, thus, believers are in fact 'Christ-ians' (Christians) just as Jesus said they would be. May this Course be a blessing to the lost, and may all glory be God's.


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