Shadow of the Witch: Book One: the Village Barbara Jay Author
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Oakridge Wood, dark, deep and mysterious. For aeon after aeon it had concealed its magic from curious, prying eyes……until now. Threatened with destruction, the wood becomes the catalyst that leads the witches of Oakridge and their vampire consorts in a race against time to discover the source of the strange anomalies affecting the earth’s energy field. At stake is nothing less than the future of the planet itself. Under attack from an enemy known only as the Shadow, the planet is being drawn into a downward spiral, a spiral that will lead to chaos, destruction and everlasting darkness. Only the witches and vampires have the power to find and defeat the Shadow. Only they, of all earth’s inhabitants, have the ability to travel in time and space, to go where others cannot travel, and seek out their nemesis. For young Sophia, newly graduated from music college, it is a journey that will change her life as she is drawn ever deeper into the search for the sinister Shadow. This is the first book in the Oakridge series, the beginning of the journey that will take the witches and vampires to other dimensions, parallel universes, to other eras, past and future, to hidden cities, even to the very heart of the earth itself. All this because one man has a plan and his plan involves the destruction of Oakridge Wood.


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