The Things that Cross my Mind: a Collection of Poetic Thoughts and Expressions Building From The Inside Out Denise Bryson Author
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The Things That Cross My Mind is a collection of poetic thoughts and expressions intended to build people from the inside out by exploring four facets of relationship: About God and me; about relationship; about being single; and about life. Its poetry and psalms are designed to inspire, enrich, and help others approach life with confidence and assurance that they are important to God and significant to this world. Your gifts are needed; He gave them to you for a purpose. The Things That Cross My Mind will help you override societal notions of who you should be and assist you in accepting yourself in spite of what others think. It will also help you to love God and self, and know that you are worthy to be loved. Moreover, the entries inform single persons that they have so much to offer and that they do not have to sell themselves to get what they are gifted to accomplish. Giving clear insight into how much God loves you, the poetic expressions break down stereotypes and other barriers that hinder self-worth. The Things That Cross My Mind will allow you to be strengthened, directed, enriched, encouraged, healed while simultaneously allowing you to laugh and stand.


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