Attack of the Man-Bat! - (Batman: Comic Chapter Books) by Jake Black (Paperback)
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"About the Book In the rainforests of Brazil, there's trouble in the local villages--and Batman is on the case! Book Synopsis Bruce Wayne is in the rainforests of Brazil in this comics and chapter book hybrid, but there's trouble in the local villages - people are disappearing! Corporate developers are tearing down the forest, and a legend tells of a giant bat creature that will defend the plant life from those who would destroy it. Batman takes up the case, and he soon finds out the strange goings-on are more than just folklore - it's Man-Bat and Posion Ivy! Review Quotes Some may believe that the combination of comic pages and written pages would confuse the reader and deter them from the story's plot. However, as you are taken into the world of Batman, the comic pages add to the superhero action in the story. Illustrator Lucian Vecchio chooses moments in the story that would be enhanced by colorful pages, action, and dialogue. . . .a great addition to any library's children's collection. Comic book fans will enjoy the superhero's adventures and comic book readers will be interested in the combination of comic pages and a written story.-- ""No Flying, No Tights"""



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