Piano Technique Demystified Second Edition Revised and Expanded: Insights into Problem Solving Neil Stannard Author
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VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS, RE-IMAGINED AND RE-RECORDED WITH NEW INFORMATION, NOW AVAILABLE SEPARATELY ON DVD. Praise fort PIANO TECHNIQUE DEMYSTIFIED: This book is a delightful collection of helpful insights. A terrific aspect is its inclusion of online video demonstrations. Many of the fingerings,note-grouping concepts, rotational ideas and so on make the passages in the examples easier to play than when approached with more traditional ideas. American Music Teacher, Feb./Mar., 2015*** INCLUDES LINKS TO VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS, NEW AND EXPANDED CHAPTERS, MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON FINGERING CONCEPTS. ***If you've ever felt at a loss as to how to achieve the excellence you would like at the piano, then take a look at this book. In this volume you will find the distillation of a life in music, a how to for the musician seeking joy in music-making. Here are insights into learning to play using the natural design of the body. Dispel old wives' tales and myths left over from the 18th century harpsichordists. Learn to make accurate leaps, to play fast without feeling hurried. What is practicing and how and why should we memorize music? And how can we put anxiety to good use? What is a good hand position and really, how slowly should I practice? Non-pianists will find ample information on the learning process and many aspects of performing. The author took part in the first Taubman Institute at Rensselaerville, NY, and though not a representative of the institute, he has participated in many, studying privately in New York for many years with Edna Golandsky. ***Comments from readers: I've read and re-read your book since receiving it months ago as a gift from a pianist friend. Your advice and instruction have moved from the merely intellectual to the gut level of understanding. And, like that proverbial road not taken, it has made all the difference. Practicing and playing are a joy now that my fingers and forearms are cohabiting and working peacefully together. The keyboard no longer feels like an adversary, but my friend in music-making. I particularly appreciated the psychological insights you offer for performance anxiety, nerves and other demons that afflict most of us. 'The committee' made me laugh and gave me hope: most helpful to externalize all those internalized voices with one, annoying group of malcontents. Thanks for that and all the other intuitive observations about playing. You've been a great help already. ...Michael in New York City ***After closing the last page [of your book], I was compelled to learn more about the genius who put this information together, in MY language. I want to thank you for doing me such unbelievable service with this book...Your book has turned the tides for me today, and I am so very grateful. In fact, I will be using it as a Christmas gift for all my pianist friends. I have no doubts that they too will find your book to be inspiring and helpful....Chase in Tampa, Florida ***Thanks for a Great book. ...Eric in Rochester, NY *** I have your book, which I like very much, and I find these videos very helpful in clarifying the material . I've watched the On Fingering ... video many times, and I would love to see more. Thanks again. ... Bruce


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