The Man in the Shadow: He Touched Me Where it Hurt Cheryline P Lawson Author
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Sarah and Emily are sisters. Regina is their cousin. The girls spend their summer vacations with their grandparents every year. As the girls grew older, strange things began to happen with their grandfather and Grandma Rose felt helpless. Days and nights, the girls had to play hide and go seek to escape their grandfather's grip. Sarah, the older one, got to experience his violent behavior one night when he went on his prowl, but so did Regina and Emily in other seductive ways. Read how the girls handled it after being recalled in their latter years to face their grandfather on his dying bed about the truth. This novel is packed with suspense, moments of terror and a silence that no one wanted to break. The story starts out with Regina and what her current life was like ---until the day when she got that letter. Sarah, a well-established attorney received her letter and was taken aback since she had purposefully changed her name to distance herself from the whole ordeal and family connection. Emily, the youngest one, got her letter and was ready to go to Georgia right away to face the man she knew as her grandfather. The plot thickens as other gruesome details were unfolded in the quest to divulge the truth. You have to read this book and see how child abuse can affect so many people - even the ones who keep it silent for years.


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