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I remember the things I felt at that bar in the mountains. The music was over... Some songs played on the Jukebox. The tears welled within me. The dusty road outside... I had my whole life ahead of me, a vision of the indescribable future. Tears fell within. Mountain life was different, but it fit me. A ship set sail on a lonely river. What was love anyway? Complicated. There was no one that could hurt me again I imagined. Just scars. Scars and a desire to make something out of my life. My cabin was just a shadow in the night. And I was supposed to believe I didn't know Jesus? I poured shots and beers that night to the locals. Some who had hearts and some whose hearts had escaped them. I'll never forget the songs that played on the Jukebox. The moon cast weary shadows, and eyes met eyes in the smoky bar. Smoke rising. All I could think of was having a fire for myself in my shell of a cabin outside, by the river. A river that always ran. One more time... I couldn't help but reflect on all the years. I had a heart and that's why life was so hard. Always wondering about heaven. Time, that fleeting illusion. Lost, and drowning in my tears. The melodies of the music touched my soul. What did it matter anyway, I was alive. I used to watch that river... I could hold the sunshine, taste the rain. When I clocked-out it was only around nine pm. The work of the day was just beginning, trying to play guitar didn't come easy to me. No sales... I drove through the wild mountains looking at the wild flowers. I was finally safe, independent and determined to be successful. But that river spoke to my soul- about running. For life is only temporal until we are in eternity. And the waterfalls crashed against the stones as the river slowly carved it's way through the mountains. Skeletons in the clouds and rainbows in the skies. I wished I could tell my story- this rebirth I knew so well. There was love overflowing in my heart, but what for? Could I have been in heaven? Seemed like it. Wildflowers swaying in the wind...


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