My Four Women and Elvis: A Novel Trevor W Bartlett Author
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I've lived five-eighths of my life...I have another three-eighths left, or to put it another way I have 0.375 of a life left. But then I realize the folly... I'm not only talking bollocks, I'm talking fractions!A midlife crisis has never been more fun than in Trevor W Bartlett's uproarious debut, My Four Women and Elvis.Bill's newfound role of househusband is driving him up the wall. He finds himself thinking of all the dreams he hasn't yet fulfilled in his life-after all, he's never written a book, eaten raw fish, played the role of James Bond, had an affair, or even traveled to space! Bill's taste for adventure is finally satiated when the Neighbourhood Watch committee asks him to solve a pressing mystery involving odd deliveries to the local toilet roll factory.It's up to Bill to get to the bottom of it, despite almost constant distraction from the sexy Zee-a girl half his age who just so happens to be the factory owner's daughter.But why does the owner of the factory have a secret underground office, a helicopter pad, and a powerful radio transmitter? Bill is determined to find out! He gets some advice from Elvis who has recently moved in with the family


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