Fitness Rebirth: Getting Fit Again After 40 For The Everyday Woman Indria Gillespie Author
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Indria Gillespie, the author of Fitness Rebirth, shares her daily account of her 120 day fitness journey. She achieved weight loss and fitness after the age of 45 without the assistance of lose-weight-quick pills, stimulants, a personal trainer, or plastic surgery. Indria lost 21 pounds, of which, 19.32 pounds were FAT pounds!!! That equals 10.72% of FAT loss in 120 days!! She shares all of her meals, snacks, workouts, as well as, her weigh-ins with you! Her healthy eating and exercise plan can work for you too. Her plan works for real women with real bodies and real everyday lives! Claim your Fitness Rebirth now! Indria Gillespie includes a wealth of information with you on the following key areas to assist women over the age of 40 with obtaining their fitness goals: - How to rev up your metabolism - Metabolism and aging - BMI versus fat percent - Reading food labels - How to calculate YOUR daily nutritional percentages from food labels based on YOUR daily caloric intake - Anaerobic versus aerobic exercise - Dieting hindrances - Motivational tools - Goal setting - Indria's 120 day fitness journey


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