Speed Distance Time and Numerical Reasoning Tests: Useful for the numerical part of AOSB tests Vali Nasser Author
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This book is aimed at helping you pass the Speed Distance Time and the Numerical Reasoning tests that you can expect as part of the Army Officer Selection process. Although you will be given other mental aptitude tests too, for example verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning tests, this book concentrates purely on Speed Distance Time and Numerical Reasoning questions. The critical factors in passing these tests are accuracy as well as speed. This book contains many examples where you can speed up your calculations without using a calculator. It also includes five Speed Distance Time tests as well as two numerical reasoning tests. The author of this book has experience in both consultancy work and teaching. The author's initial book 'Speed Mathematics Using the Vedic System' has a significant following and has been translated into Japanese and Chinese as well as German. In addition, his book 'Pass the QTS Numeracy test with ease' is very popular with teacher trainees. Besides being a specialist mathematics teacher the author also has a degree in psychology. This has enabled him to work as an organizational development consultant giving him exposure to psychometric testing particularly applicable to numerical reasoning. He hopes that this edition of 'Pass Speed Distance Time and Numerical reasoning Tests with Ease' will help those aspiring to get through the Army Officer Selection process numerically based tests.


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