Dare To Be Loved By God: Removing the Barriers to God?s Love in Your Life Carola Finch Author
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Can God love me, the mess? For as long as she could remember, author Carola Finch asked herself that question. She felt like an inferior being who didn't deserve God's love. She was told she was ugly and stupid by her parents and the bullies at school. She suffered neglect, and physical and emotional abuse at home. Dare to Be Loved takes readers on her personal journey, where she recognizes that her low self-esteem and false beliefs about herself were keeping her from accepting the love of God in her life. Carola explores concepts such as of being normal or worthy of God's love and looks at the true state of a Christian's being and relationship with God. She then identifies at other barriers such as guilt and shame, a victim mentality, running away from facing life, unbelief, selfishness, unforgiveness, fear, anger and a fear of rejection. She provides practical ways to dare to accept the love of God.


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