Dollars and Sense: The Golden Path to Success. [Revised and Enlarged Edition] Colonel William Hunter Author
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This book will be welcomed by those who are square, ambitious and patient. It is not theory. It is not preaching. These chapters will be old friends to you, and you may read a few minutes or a few hours. You may read and re-read as often as you wish, for you will always find some new truth impressed on you every time you read. Keep this book, carry it with you, and you will be benefited. Worry and fear will fade and peace and courage will grow within you the more you study these pages. Table of Contents Dedication Dollars and Sense Groundwork Learn to Say No Credit Never Quit Work Stand When Selling The Best Vantage Ground Ambition Lawyers Be a Producer The Man-Not the Plan Compensation Sizing Up Things Competition Advertising Buying Expenses Advice Reading Argument Speculation Elimination The Specialist The String Horse Sense The Manager Selling Vacations Health Patience Hard Times Sleep Grumbling Associates Fixed Charges Cigarets Return Good For Evil Learn to Play Good Fellowship Hard Work Kindness The Salesman Honesty Success Thinking Home Life Optimism Memory Worry Promises Independence Short Letters Perspiration Friends Employes Laxity Enthusiasm Catching Up Anger Precedent Financing Discontent The Generalist Our Aches and Pains Dressing Declare Monthly Dividends Debt Brains-Birth-Boodle Backbone and Wishbone Do Good The Get-Away Double Equipment Initiative Night Work Obedience Pay Day Saving Waiting For Success Our Sons Pull Gossip Bribes Stenographers Hypochondriacs Politics Profanity System Rule of Gold My Symphony


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