Welcome To The World Of Internet Dating, Conor Fitzpatrick Randal Neal Cohen Author
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Conor Fitzpatrick has seen better days. A widower about to turn forty, the British hard rock band he manages has gone from playing sold out arenas to County Fairs. These days he rarely strays from his Venice Beach bungalow. Enter his high voltage niece Chloe. Recently, graduated from Boston University she moves to Los Angeles to intern for a motion picture production company. She makes it her mission to bring her dear uncle back to the land of the living, in both love and music. She sets up an online dating profile and a flashy music management web site. But when Conor's true chance for personal and professional success arises, it comes from an unexpected source. 'Welcome To the World of Internet Dating, Conor Fitzpatrick' explores the modern world of the Music Business as well as finding love in the 21st Century; and asks the question Has technology really made our lives better?'


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