Vagrant Prince Jacob Philip Kilgore Author
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Battles, blood, and psychological collapse! A young boy is nearly burned alive in a church as steel-wielding English troops assault his town. Within these pages is the story of Thomas Ashcroft, who grows up trying to be noble, but cannot shake the trauma he endured. The man responsible for the harm done to him, Admiral Constantyne, feels the wrath strike back in the way of a kidnapped daughter and a torched home. Now, all is sacrificed, fury kindled, and great seas crossed. This aging master of the sea now lives only to bring his daughter back and to drain the life out of Thomas. Always on the edge of annihilation, you will be taken along with this pseudo-hero through numerous adventures that will cause you to doubt him at times, though likely you will also be struck by him, as his companions are. Either his ability to overcome the most hopeless of obstacles is due to miracles as he claims, or is the greatest series of coincidences championed by a lunatic. Genres: Historical fiction (Renaissance), metafiction, action-adventure, social criticism Join Thomas on his search for peace in a corrupt world and consider the parallels in our own time. Consider how conquerors pillage the livelihood of people, and thus create the need for crime and violence across the globe.


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