So Life Sucks. Get Over It!: A straightforward guide to creating happiness in your life! Ron W Hurak CCIM Author
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Struggling with life sucks. Being unhappy sucks. Being alone sucks. I was alone, unhappy and struggling with just staying alive when I was just in my early teens, but I discovered that regardless of how I started out in life my start had nothing to do with how I would end up and I would like to share my journey with you. I wrote this book to make a difference in the lives of those who think their life sucks. I believe my book has a universal message that can provide the answers to living a life filled with joy, peace, love and happiness. What's the mystery to happiness? There's no magic or secret formula! For many people their life doesn't suck. They are happy at peace with themselves and enjoying their life to the fullest. So what special gift did they get that many other people have not.... ....maybe including you? How come they get to stand at the front of the short line and you seems to always be at the very end of the longest one? That's my goal is for my book. To share some information with you so that you not only stand at the front of the line but the line is actually one that you have created for yourself so you are always first in line. To be happy. My message is personal and universal and can provide proven strategies on obtaining happiness including: Making Decisions Conquering the fear of failure How negative thinking fuels unhappiness The Power of subconscious programming Blame and entitlement afflictions Creating positive relationships Improving communication skills Getting what you want Using basic human behavior traits for a happier life Coping with stress and worry I originally wrote the book to pass along some of my life experiences to my grandchildren who seems to be struggling a bit with the challenges of growing up and becoming young adults. My hope was to give them some simple lessons that they could immediately incorporate into their daily living to allow them to take on' whatever challenges their where facing. They loved it and encouraged me to spread the word to others of all ages who are finding life a tad tough. My book is a series of short sections (chapters) where I share my perspective on living a society that can present many roadblocks and obstacles to achieving life of peace, joy and happiness. Why would my perspective be worth reviewing? Well I started out in life as an abused kid, with one parent, living in poverty and found myself on the streets by the time I was fourteen. My life really sucked! But I managed to survive and become a happy person who is surrounded by many blessings. If I can figure out how to be happy from my start in life, I am confident that those who think their life sucks now can turn their sucked up life into one of serenity. I think my life journey has something to offer everyone. So Life Sucks. Get Over It!' It's a great read for anyone who has anything to do with relationship with others (happy people too). Whether it be at home, at work or any other environment, being happy has a lot to do with how you perceive yourself and the world around you.


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