Profiting in Precious Metals: How to buy and sell scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum Ron Cowart Author
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Even during slow economic times, precious metals tend to hold their market value. Learn how to purchase scrap GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM and resell what you buy for tremendous profits! In this guide, the author shows you what tools you will need, what to buy and what not to buy. You will learn how to test each item so you know you are buying the real metal. You will also learn where to sell your purchases for the optimum prices! The author also provides you with a list of resources for supplies, information and buyers. He shows you first-hand what has worked for him for 20 years! Would you like a simple, easy-to-run business that you can operate part or full time? Then look no farther! Use this guide to build a nest-egg you only dreamed about before! And with today's economy the way it is, you could not have chosen a better time!


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