Nursing Home Fears: A Buyer's Guide To Long-Term Care Insurance Ken R. Butler Author
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Search long-term care insurance online, and only minutes later you find yourself buried in promises and guarantees: Buy long-term care insurance with no out-of-pocket expense! Long-term care insurance is a good investment! The premium will never be less than it is today! And the list goes on... How can you tell what is truth and what is myth? Do you or your loved one even need to purchase long-term care insurance? The answers to all of your questions lie within the pages of Nursing Home Fears: A Buyer's Guide for Long-Term Care Insurance. Let Ken R. Butler, CPCU, ARM, dispel the myths, walk you through the decision-making process regarding whether or not it's in your interest to buy, and help you navigate the complicated policies that are available. An independent and objective risk manager who does not sell insurance, Butler is a leader in the development of best-practice standards for long-term care insurance. Let him direct you to the most important coverage for you, avoiding add-ons that are not worth the money. Gain more than peace of mind-build confidence in your decision regarding you or your loved one's long-term insurance needs.


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