11 Days Count Down: Your Future and Present Paul O.A Powell Author
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A book of empowerment. This book highlights your present and future. It gives directions to ignite the power in you, to allow your dreams to be fulfilled. It highlights the fact that, there is no such thing as failure, but progress in motion, that needs some adjustments. It speaks of the dangers attached to the past, if people in general does not learn how to let it go and move on. The writer Paul O.A Powell, use references such as, Thomas Edison,(The Inventor of Condescend Light Bulbs), Kelly Clarkson (The singer, from homeless status, to superstar), Tyler Perry(From his car being his home, to a Billionaire), Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump. The book is appealing to the desires, and the ambitiousness of those who will deer to dream. It all starts with a dream, which is possible to come through, like every thing on planet earth. It is an open mind formula for success. The book drives home several punch lines, that will draw the attention of any one, to take a closer look. The highlights, why mistakes continuously takes the same or similar pattern, in repeating it self. The book highlights the many resources available to students, the working class, young entrepreneur, wall street traders or investors who may just want to do better, and get over a challenge or make significant changes in their lives. The book made reference to the technology age that we are living in, and if only the average individuals, who are still trying to find away to become financial independent, would convert the hours they spend on social web-Sites, such as Face-Book,or Twitter and use their Tablets, Smart Phones, Desk Top PC, their Mac, IPhone and Notebook to look up job or business opportunities, they would definitely create some dents in their financial situation, and create better opportunities of succeeding in life.


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