The Dance Club: Turning Fifty Shades Of Grey Robert F. Lee Author
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It was mere mommy porn. All the critics agreed, so why did their wives find Fifty Shades of Grey so enthralling? Three middle-aged husbands feel that it is their duty to conduct research into the power of this book, and what better place to start than with the women in their ballroom dance club? Or so the male bravado suggested. But who has the courage, or the foolhardiness to take the first step? Will it be methodical Frank, man-child Rod, or leap-before-you-look Dave? Like school kids on the playground, once each has been dared to delve into the world of Ana and Christian, and their odd sexual fantasies, he cannot turn back. But age does not bring wisdom, particularly to these men. How will they proceed? Internet? Late-night erotic movies? Gentlemen's clubs? Dave has his own theories, and, being a practical, concrete thinker, he must conduct his own experiments on the deviances that Grey loves. In private, of course, until his wife and her girlfriends - the spouses of friends, Rod and Frank - accidentally happen upon him. Rod and Frank believe that they can put their research to best use by choreographing a dramatic dance sequence for the rest of the dance club. That, too, may have unintended consequences! The Dance Club: 50 Shades of Turning Grey is a frantic, comedic tale of misdirection, misinformation and mistake, but it is a joyous look at the world of old men who have never grown up. The Dance Club series of novellas will keep you smiling, as you nod your head in agreement with each of the antics, and say to yourself, Darn, I wish I had thought of trying that!


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