The Human Hologram (Center, Book 7): Be still and listen... and know that I am God / Expand into Universal Consciousness while staying centered in you
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Center is the seventh in a seven volume series that lovingly guides readers on a journey from the painful existence in which ego rules... into the pleasure of being one's true Self. Going on this voyage convincingly shows how divine we really are.Called The Human Hologram, this long awaited series from internationally known author and rational mystic, Otto Richter, navigates us through the twists, turns, and ups and downs of spiritual growth-with startling success! Dancing on the edge between science and the sacred, the profound and the profane, he leads readers through his empowering holographic model of the human psyche, initiating us into new dimensions of mystical power. With remarkable tools that bypass any particular religious dogma, we are shown how to connect to extraordinary physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual awareness.The series embraces the best of humanistic, transpersonal, and research-based psychology and combines it with fundamental aspects of archaic shamanism, energetic bodywork, and a hefty dose of humor. Richter eloquently infuses the teachings of his spiritual mentors, as well as his own mystical insights. Outstanding findings in the neurosciences are also revealed that, now more than ever, explain how our brain chemistry is involved. Plus, a guided meditation (also available as a digital-audio download) offers a deeper, more refined experience of each volume.The Center of The Human Hologram takes us far beyond normal consciousness to the very core of our being.In this volume of the set, we will explore that part of the psyche that represents Universal Consciousness that we can honor only by being still and doing nothing. Find out how spiritual teachings can improve the quality of your life in the most practical ways. Gain a deeper understanding of The Human Hologram, with clear points of reference for how to find and maintain your Center. Learn to achieve complete mental silence in your meditation, using a technique called Deep Listening. Discover an easy, step-by-step process for deciphering your dreams, accessing your deeper intuition and higher guidance.


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