Obamacare Loopholes: Freedom to not Participate Michael Vandeburg Author
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THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE FOR GETTING OUT OF OBAMACARE Storm clouds are forming all over America's health care industry. Once the shining star for the world this huge tax burden of a law seems destined to destroy our health care industry. But a light shines out in the darkness showing the way out of Obamacare. This definitive guide highlights our rights in Section 1555 and the precedent established by President Barrack Obama proving that all Americans have a legal right to not participate in Obamacare. This definitive guide also highlights our rights that all Americans have No Duty to buy healthcare insurance under Obamacare. This definitive guide also highlights our rights that you can claim an exemption if you can't afford to buy healthcare insurance. Here are a few of the many ways to destroy Obamacare: RIGHT OF FREEDOM NOT TO PARTICIPATE UNDER NO DUTY TO ACT RIGHT OF EXEMPTION IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD COVERAGE TERM EMPLOYEE BY RIGHT ONLY CORPORATE PERSONS BY RIGHT PENALTIES ONLY APPLY TO CORPORATE PERSONS No fines, no Obamacare insurance, absolutely nothing of this act will apply to any individual, company, business, or nonprofit entity who claims the right of Freedom Not to Participate. That also means you have the right to continue purchasing your old insurance policy. That also means that Insurance Companies have a legal right to sell the old policies to anyone not participating in Obamacare. President Obama has been criticized by conservatives for illegally handing out exemptions for Obamacare. The truth is President Obama never violated the law. He just withheld the fact that everyone has the same right to complete exemption from the Act. Obamacare creates the perception that everyone is required by law to carry a minimum amount of health insurance. But, I ask the question what law compels someone to a duty to act? I mean what law makes someone have a duty to buy insurance? According to the law that is what it takes to make someone legally buy insurance according to the penalties section. All these rights are summarized in a simple statement you can write on your tax return. Obamacare has no solid legal foundation for enforcement. The only one that I would recommend signing up for Obamacare are the ones that will personally benefit, or the ones that need insurance and can't buy it. In the end, thanks President Obama but no thanks I will keep my old policy.


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