Web Diva Wisdom: How to Find, Hire, and Partner with the Right Web Designer for You Lisa B Stambaugh Author
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How can I prepare myself to get the very most from my relationship with my web designer, and how can I make it the most productive and successful partnership possible? This book shares the tips and tricks that will: enable you to choose the right web designer for you allow your web designer to work more efficiently on your behalf help you collaborate to develop the best website for your services and products As a freelance web designer with fifteen-plus years of experience developing over five hundred websites for individuals, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and nonprofit organizations, Lisa Stambaugh has developed processes, checklists, and templates to get the job done. No stone has been left unturned in uncovering every little detail of the website design process: the best ways to approach the many tasks and challenges, the common mistakes that clients make, and the things they do that can drive a web designer crazy! This book is a compilation of this information in a format that will be useful to anyone working with a professional web designer. In the end, you will: control the project cost and schedule reduce errors avoid rework minimize your frustration shorten the timeline to launch your website create the best possible website to meet your goals in terms of budget, timeline, and functionality Everything you need to know about working with a web designer, in the order you need to know it. This book should be an essential reference for anyone working with-or planning to hire-a web designer. Its goals are to provide basic guidance for the newcomer embarking on the process for the first time, as well as to offer lessons and process improvements for those already working with a web designer. Whether you are ready to partner with a web designer for a new website, a redesign project, or major updates to an existing website, you'll find helpful guidelines, tips, and best practices. As a client, you are ultimately the creator and owner of your website. If you don't collaborate with your web designer and actively participate in the process, you won't end up with the website of your dreams. Hiring someone to design your website should not be a one-time, short-term project but rather the start of a long-and hopefully productive and successful-business partnership. Let this book be your guide to getting the most out of your relationship with your current or future web designer How this book is organized: Part 1: Building Blocks - Understand where you are in the website lifecycle. Know the basic building blocks of any website, including the players. Part 2: Do Your Homework - Pinpoint budget and timeline constraints. Do your prework by gathering information, conducting competitive analysis, identifying your audience, and drafting a marketing plan. Part 3: Discovery - Search for qualified candidate web designers that fit your requirements. Initiate contact, complete the investigation and proposal process, and check references. Part 4: Development -Hire your web designer and build a working relationship of open and honest communication, trust, respect, delegation, and partnership. Design and build your website, understand the creative process, and actively participate in iterative development and refinement. Part 5: Delivery - Launch and announce your website. Keep your website current in both content and presentation. Know the options if your web designer relationship status changes.


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