The Visitor - The Bell Tower 1873 - 1875: Book V of the Life of Mirisa Eppes Barbara Cope Svetlick Author
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Mirisa looked from the door to the opening in the floor. She wrapped her arm around the rope and disappeared down the hole as Butch stumbled into the room landing on his face as he saw the top of her head disappear. A splintered piece of the wood door was sticking out of his thigh leaving a blood trail across the floor as he cursed. Butch's big hands reached for the rope and started pulling it up as Mirisa put her feet against the stone wall bracing her back and trying to keep from losing her grip. She looked at Butch's face which was grimaced as he pulled with all his might when the single shot rang out as his body fell half way into the opening stopped only by his massive girth. Meeks stepped over Butch and looked down seeing Mirisa with her back up against one wall and her legs locked with her feet against the other wall. She was about fifteen feet from the bottom. James looked up at Mirisa who was hanging only fifteen feet above him and even though she had just escaped the clutches of death she was afraid to let go of the rope. Her logic always evaded resolution to any intricate or difficult problem. How many times had she held it together under incredible odds until one of them came to rescue her. Mirisa would always be the perfect conundrum of their world and maybe that was truly the secret to loving her.


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