Rebound: an inspiring comeback story that explores the mystery of the human spirit Samantha Bauer Author
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Rebound is an inspiring comeback story of Karl Johnson, who found himself living on the streets after serving eleven years in state prison for being one of the best runners of cocaine in Los Angeles. He is number nine is the line-up of sixteen kids, and his family is marked by greatness. His brother was Dennis Johnson of the Boston Celtics - five-time NBA all-star and Hall of Famer. At its core, Rebound explores the mystery of the human spirit - why do some of us soar and others do not given the same set of circumstances? And in Karl's case - someone who consistently chose the wrong path - why does he finally find himself in the position to soar? Karl's story is shocking at times, but his determination to find the right path finds readers cheering for him. Rebound breaks from the familiar storyline of a homeless man who becomes a millionaire or spiritual leader. This is simply a story about someone who found a normal life after years of crime, violence, and drugs. There is something big about the everydayness of Karl's story - he left the narcissistic world of drugs behind, finding joy in getting up every day and going to work. Rebound reveals the power of a city that cares. His chance arrival in Central California's Fresno questions whether it was chance at all. Karl finally discovered friendships that were not defined by prison walls or the drug world. The special bonds he formed give us faith in human compassion. Through Karl's storytelling, we learn that no matter how many times we find ourselves off course, we will always find ourselves back on the road we are meant to travel. There is magic in Karl's story, as he teaches us that it is never too late to be on the rebound of our lives.


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